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Our daily work is always to follow the latest quality standards and be up to date with all the requirements. We will do our best to make Huppa a quality mark on clothing. Our experience and vision for the future give the Huppa brand credibility.


Huppa always values ​​safety! As a result, both reflective stripes, reflective films and other reflective details are specifically designed for the garments. In order to be visible in the dark, the reflective parts are positioned so that the garment is noticeable both in the road and in the nature. In Huppa clothes you are visible 360  degrees.


Water and steam are important to drive away from the human body in winter conditions. Breathable and waterproof fabrics are used in all our products, making them cosy and warm in winter. The skin does not sweat and the body is warm. New and innovative fabric solutions are used in all our products.


We incorporate the best professionals in our field into product development and clothing design, and our aim is to make sure that children are able to feel free in our clothes as if being in their own world. We desire to provide suitable clothing and patterns for all of the little adventurers and princesses.

HUPPA – is a Nordic design based brand that embodies Scandinavian reliability, innovation and high quality garments for the whole family.

The roots of the brand HUPPA go back in 1938 when the garment factory of the brand’s predecessor was established, which became the largest manufacturer of knitwear in the region. Based on such experience in production and given the market demand for high-quality children’s outerwear, HUPPA brand was born.

All our garments get full attention and are carried out with the skills of top specialists making sure that Huppa functional clothing keeps you dry and comfortable regardless of the weather, dry or wet, snowing or raining.