Nordic and harsh weather conditions make people look for durable and comfortable clothing. This is how HUPPA was born – today, it is an international company.

Not just for children

We have expanded Huppa’s collections almost every year, complementing both the functional aspects and the sizes. In 2017, we added adult outerwear to our collections, which have the same features as children’s clothes.

Family-centred outerwear

At Huppa, we create value that makes the family feel better. We are passionate about our work and are constantly looking for new technical solutions. Therefore, we must admit that clothing can always be made better. Part of this progress is also related to the overall development of technology. This is why we keep up with the latest achievements and technological developments of the world’s leading materials manufacturers.

As a leading outerwear brand, we want to provide the highest quality clothing for the family and allow children to express their creativity while playing and moving around in a comfortable and safe way.

HUPPA reflector

The goal of HUPPA is to create safe clothes. HUPPA products are designed so that your child is visible in all weather conditions: foggy, dark, or just poor visibility. HUPPA uses a lot of reflective details on its products: edges, labels, appliqués, ribbons, and other small details to make you more visible. When light falls on HUPPA clothing, it reflects back and makes the child visible, reducing the risk of an accident. All jackets and overalls have a special eyelet to hang the reflector.


HUPPA breathable and waterproof fabrics

Huppa fabrics have a polyurethane layer on the back which prevents water from passing through the fabric into the product, but at the same time, allows the moisture in the product to evaporate from the product. The fabrics of Huppa products are waterproof and breathable and also protect against wind. Huppa uses fabrics which water resistance and breathability are rating from 3,000/3,000 – 10,000/10,000.

HUPPA taped seams

HUPPA uses in their products taped seams technology, which avoids heavy rain going through the seams, for example shoulders are most exposed to.

4-layer breathable feather-proof system

HUPPA feather products have a breathable 4-layer feather-proof system. They use a soft feather fabric with a water resistance and breathability rating from 5,000/5,000.

HuppaTec lining

The HUPPA Tec lining is essentially a heat-reflective fabric. The tiny silver spots reflect the heat radiated back from the body, and the heat radiated back is trapped between the body and the fabric. As a result, this lining is up to 20% warmer than regular lining. At the same time, the lining is breathable and drains moisture away from the body. The heat-reflective effect is fully maintained for 5 washes and after that, the effect begins to diminish with each wash.

HuppaTherm insulation

HuppaTherm is a new generation of high-tech lightweight synthetic insulation material. The unique structure of the microfibers keeps away the cold air but at the same time, retains body heat between the fibres. This ensures high heat resistance of the products.