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charity and sponsorship

Our commitment lies in a common goal: to support, inspire, and help each other. Huppa pays special attention to charity and sponsorship projects, contributing in many ways. Our heart belongs to the families with children in difficulty, whom we support with Huppa products. 

In collaboration with charity event management teams, we are always looking for new ways to support those who need it most. We are committed not only to helping but also to sharing joy and hope. 

For us, an active lifestyle is more than a hobby. We believe that health begins with movement in the fresh air. That is why we enthusiastically support the organization of sports events and contribute to the safety of movement in the dark. Every year, we participate in reflector-sharing campaigns to make the movement even safer and more visible. 

Our goal is to create change that extends beyond our own company – we want to give back and make the world a better place for everyone. 

We are a monthly donor to various charities and sponsorship projects, including: 

SOS Children’s Village Estonian Association: we support their mission to create families for children in need and give them a chance for the future.

Maarja Village: we support the community of adults with intellectual disabilities in enriching their daily lives and work. we help connect people who stand for mental health and support their mission to promote awareness of the need for help. 

Kalev Bicycle School: we help young people discover the joy of sports and teamwork through various sports activities.